Wild Camping On North Coast 500 – Top Places to Wild Camp

Scotland is very well known for its brilliant wild camping spots, as well the fact that it is legal to do so. Although this brings an incredible amount of freedom, there is an etiquette that you should really follow when doing so. We have outlined all of this for you in our complete guide to wild camping, which also lists all of the essentials you will need for your next trip.

Throughout our North Coast 500 road trip, we camped wild as much as we could. This saved us an incredible amount of money, which was better spent on more important things (aka beer). This blog is for you guys, highlighting our wild camping NC500 spots around the northern coast of Scotland!

Although there are plenty of NC500 campsites to choose from, as budget backpackers wild camping was our top choice. This is the accommodation that we would recommend, especially if you are on the go and love a bit of adventure. Out of the countless reasons why wild camping in Scotland is the best choice, here are just a couple –

  1. It doesn’t cost you a penny;
  2. You can choose the perfect spot that you want, and not be told where to go;
  3. You can constantly move on without worrying about arriving at a campsite on time to check-in. There is absolutely no hurry, just pull up when you see a spot.

If you prefer the more comfortable style of camping, with showers, toilets and an onsite restaurant, read our complete guide to all of the best campsites on the NC500.

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